Highly Recommended for Driving in Style

Midsize sedan for rent are commonly a 4-door car with a displacement of 1.6~1.8 liter engine. It has 5-person capacity with a bigger leg-room compared to a compact sedan, a rear compartment capable up to two (2) x large travel luggage (size 25″) with a dimension of 40cm x 28cm x 60cm. And, equipped with safety seat belts, audio system and an air conditioning unit.

Midsize sedan for rent are highly recommended for driving in style whether you are going in a meeting or a special occasion. With it’s wider body, 5-pax are more conveniently seated compared to a compact sedan. But, we highly discourage using them in an off-road terrain. Due to low ground clearance which may find difficulty travelling on rugged road.

Cheapest midsize car for rent for as low as Php1,087 per day on monthly rental. And we can deliver and/or collect the car anywhere in Luzon island. And we can deliver and/or collect the car whenever possible 24/7 for added convenience. 2012 Honda Civic 1.8EXi A/T Midsize Sedan Passenger capacity: 5 people Luggage capacity: 2
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